We’ve all been to school and know the feeling that once we get through it, we think we know, or even don’t know, what profession to study towards. The pressure that high school students undergo in order to pick the right profession for their skills is immense. So many times, students choose to study a profession that their parents tell them to study or that their peers think is right for them. Do they actually know what they are committing to for the rest of their career?

With the amount of money that tertiary education costs parents (or the students themselves or companies offering bursaries), it’s probably a better option to have more of an idea of what one is getting into – because the general idea is that one studies what they will pursue once they complete their tertiary education.

What if you have the wrong idea of what a career in law, or advertising, for example, offers? Do you have an understanding of what a typical day is like?

What if there was an opportunity for a high school student to spend a day at a company that specialises in their supposed preferred field? What if this opportunity was not only endorsed, but funded by the school?

Job Shadow is exactly what its name suggests, it is a company which facilitates job shadowing for high school students. It allows Students and Parents the opportunity to be informed regarding a specific profession.

It’s a practical way of getting to know a job face-to-face with a mentor, before committing to study for it,  at a cost of R350 per Job Shadow. In addition, we also offer a remote, one-hour, Digital Interview for an initial insight at a cost of R200 per Job Shadow Interview. Our platform offers bookings from May to October every year.

A Job Shadow opportunity will potentially minimize students changing direction during their tertiary
studies eliminating wasted time, money and frustration for both Parents and students.